Half Full, Half Empty

it is another way of perceiving the world, this makes me enjoy every single moment of my life. I don’t know what might happen next but i’m glad now and that’s enough. i smile, i feel happy without any particular reason, but i prefer  to start my day with a motivated spirit that drives for the most beautiful, cool and regorious. i like that moment when you can feel nothing but grateful to your friends, family and lovers for being with you at that specific moment when you feel deeply in need of them. i just want to grab and seize the moment and make it last longer. they will be just memoires, well memorised, graved and scalped memories. one can remember all good times after smelling a perfume or anything that remainds you of that particular thing. Photos and videos are also quite used to make these moments alive everyday. i found happiness in the way i please my myself and my partners. it is something about beaing helpful, hopeful and grateful and trying to transcend those waving feelings to my lovers. i still make mistakes, i say stupid things, i say sorry then, i feel regret, i ask for forgivenss and i show my love to them and they do not let me down, they makes me happier everyday. when i have to sleep, i think about all my precious times and i praise myself, sometimes i do criticize myself. In the end, i open my eyes in the dark night, i search for a slight light to feel safe and released, to feel free from all my misperfections.


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