My little bird!

My little bird! I Woke up late in the morning, and my mind is buzzed with many confusing thoughts about you.

I saw my bird flying high through the thick clouds shivering in his yellow feathers. My little bird! Singing hopelessly in the air, I can hear his uncontinuous, hesitated and furious singing . My little bird! Seeing you in the branch of my old tree, gives me frustrating vibes. You are so small to fight in a world of merceless and harshness.

I hug you in my tiny arms unable to hide my concern and anxiety. I am afraid to let you go alone in this big world without my guide. I will pray to see you back soon in my old branch tree, I will pray to let you free. Uncounscious about my inner feelings of happiness and sadness, I decided to free your soul as well as your yellow feathers. I decided to let you fight!





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