Writing Mood

When I hear my mother’s snoring and I am still awake, I feel it’s the right time to write. My hands are cold but typing few words will warm them pretty well. So, excited! I am into the writing-my-blog-post-mood which is something exquisite. It’s a way of getting out of an empty black hole that  my subconscious is sucked in. Or, a way of feeding my insatiable and hangry soul of everything literal. I mean , sensually speaking. I indulge in a plain writing experience, in the search of perfection? I don’t know what I am actually looking for, but it’s a kinda way of existing and backing up one’s spirit. Like a journey, I am travelling accross different places of different whethers, tastes, smells, and different people through my letters. I call it, a way of healing souls and minds.

Like magic, I am so horribly attracted to sexy language as a powerful tool to be acknowledged. I think, the way someone relates something which is different from the typical method does make the difference in one’s conscious. Accordingly, playing with words is just like playing with hearts and minds. The way one polishes and embellishes his words can get you in his spell. The mixture of something dark and deep, something devastating and soothing, something killing and enlighting creates a delicious sugary meal of words including some spicy language and salty letters and this makes a super tasty dish, not to be missed!