Some scattered words 

How a superior spirituel drive can transand you to a boundless and relinquished mood of deep meditation and recognition.

I uncaged myself from every rule suffocating me and unlocked my mind of all the misperfections hovering over my spirit and set myself free!

I still have those deep yieldings for loneliness in which I find consolation and redemption. I still mourn all the old times when I was innocent but I do not regret missing them.

I only regret the time I couldn’t recognise my dreams and my realities which ended me up to a closed resolution. My resolution is to recatch those treasured times and revive them in a way that makes able to live them again and call for their return.

The past is stuck in my inhales and in every inch of my skin, I cannot escape from its intimidation nor can I forget its grey misty savour.. I cannot deny its cruelty nor can I deny the strength it granted to me. It is my ruiner as well as my savior and I still praise all the soft and harsh effects it raised on me.

With love..


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