An autumn sunday 

I am in my most sobering momemts i have ever felt! A vague chilling sense of happiness and fuzzing is dwelled into my heart and i keep asking myself about my solemn wonder.

I want to seize the moment and unleash my promptious desires invading deep into my mind.

It is very distracting how i am amused and afraid at the same time. I am afraid to loose that creeping moment and the tense feelings of joy that blister my heart.

I’m afraid of being denied of not being satisfied, as I have always been insatiable.

In this bleak lonely sunday morning, i decided to open my heart to my unpromised future and give away my hideous worries. To new love, new promissess and new adventure!



Like an explosion, unpredictable, digging hard through my veins, insatiable, stacking rough in my brain, unfathomable, drowning deep into the heart, such like an explosion.

Quiet but furious and outrageous. It is stucked in my throat, stiff and firm and I am unable to move, to articulate the spell.

I recalled another rule of life, avoid falling in the extremities, for they will destruct your inner balance.

I fancy the rare, unfetchable things, I fancy the warm glow of my silk scarf and the light ray of my misty morning. I fancy all the small things i used to have while i was denied in the uncomprehensible world of nothingness…