I still need that look

A push and a pull… And I can do nothing but responding to these unpalpable feelings. I look deeply and I try to understand what makes me and him unable to articulate, to say what can’t be said and to reveal the words hidden in our mouths. Patience is good but I can wait no more; so either you set free your words or I blow out that rasing  desire. Though I know I’ll get back cause I can’t leave the ‘push and pull’ stuck in my mind. I know I don’t get happy endings but I just want to seize the moment and live it to the fullest. I smile and I blush, I say stupid things and I make up stories,… The truth is that I want to end all of this and face reality though I’m afraid to do so cause I’m afraid to loose what I already acquired.. I’m afraid to loose that ‘push and pull’ in your eyes.. 

With love!