I still need that look

A push and a pull… And I can do nothing but responding to these unpalpable feelings. I look deeply and I try to understand what makes me and him unable to articulate, to say what can’t be said and to reveal the words hidden in our mouths. Patience is good but I can wait no more; so either you set free your words or I blow out that rasing  desire. Though I know I’ll get back cause I can’t leave the ‘push and pull’ stuck in my mind. I know I don’t get happy endings but I just want to seize the moment and live it to the fullest. I smile and I blush, I say stupid things and I make up stories,… The truth is that I want to end all of this and face reality though I’m afraid to do so cause I’m afraid to loose what I already acquired.. I’m afraid to loose that ‘push and pull’ in your eyes.. 

With love! 


2 réflexions sur “I still need that look

  1. Nice game described by you in this post, though you know well that everything was clear and you were openly offered everything. Lighty days were to come, with beach, terraces till late to watch the sea and warm and open sky nights to walk and talk about hopes, dreams and everything that makes a life worth to be fully lived when shared. It’s all gone now, but hard to forget though it all never happened. And the winter is coming again soon. With love.

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