French to English Translation


Unwanted things

A bull of grassy sweety crunchy petites et débiles life-goes-on rules I don’t want to follow neither do I want to understand. 

For example, I made a coffee and it happened that I put more than enough nescafé in my cup and it tasted bitter or too sweet for my tongue, I don’t want to drink it nor do I want to pour it out so I keep the milk in the cup till the next morning so I don’t regret the two alternatives. 

Here comes to my mind what mom says as life is ‘difficile’. I confirm that but in a different way and I smile in the end under my blanket.

Mom always says right things but I just don’t want to spoil my principles and my things to feel both grateful and released. 

I still need that look

A push and a pull… And I can do nothing but responding to these unpalpable feelings. I look deeply and I try to understand what makes me and him unable to articulate, to say what can’t be said and to reveal the words hidden in our mouths. Patience is good but I can wait no more; so either you set free your words or I blow out that rasing  desire. Though I know I’ll get back cause I can’t leave the ‘push and pull’ stuck in my mind. I know I don’t get happy endings but I just want to seize the moment and live it to the fullest. I smile and I blush, I say stupid things and I make up stories,… The truth is that I want to end all of this and face reality though I’m afraid to do so cause I’m afraid to loose what I already acquired.. I’m afraid to loose that ‘push and pull’ in your eyes.. 

With love! 

A father

Life as it has always been, i saw the best part of it and the worst of it and can do nothing but choose both of them.

I saw your weakness papa, i saw your light and I can do nothing but stare at those pale blue eyes in vain. They were firm as they had always been but their look was wondered and slight. Your beauty never faded away but at that time it was just too shy to unveil. I kissed your face and you hands and you kissed my shoulder then I realised how much I love you papa. We were friends but in a different way and I liked how we kept our friendship that way.

An autumn sunday 

I am in my most sobering momemts i have ever felt! A vague chilling sense of happiness and fuzzing is dwelled into my heart and i keep asking myself about my solemn wonder.

I want to seize the moment and unleash my promptious desires invading deep into my mind.

It is very distracting how i am amused and afraid at the same time. I am afraid to loose that creeping moment and the tense feelings of joy that blister my heart.

I’m afraid of being denied of not being satisfied, as I have always been insatiable.

In this bleak lonely sunday morning, i decided to open my heart to my unpromised future and give away my hideous worries. To new love, new promissess and new adventure!


Like an explosion, unpredictable, digging hard through my veins, insatiable, stacking rough in my brain, unfathomable, drowning deep into the heart, such like an explosion.

Quiet but furious and outrageous. It is stucked in my throat, stiff and firm and I am unable to move, to articulate the spell.

I recalled another rule of life, avoid falling in the extremities, for they will destruct your inner balance.

I fancy the rare, unfetchable things, I fancy the warm glow of my silk scarf and the light ray of my misty morning. I fancy all the small things i used to have while i was denied in the uncomprehensible world of nothingness…


« To live means to constantly shift colors »

To simply exist without over thinking and being firm in your perspectives, your soul need to be flexible and tuned.

I was grabbed by an ill mood during this period. Allowing my mind to fill in the silence gaps, I felt lost in my shadowy room.

I couldn’t decipher my bizzare reactions and how I ended up the way I am right now. Fully exasperated and desperate. I looked deeply into the incident in vain. I still feel that ache in my bottom and a sudden chill pass across my body.

Teared by two incomprehensible feelings, I am sorry and angry for the things I let them happen to me. How do I repent? How do I correct my mistakes? How shall I behave? These thoughts are housed in my nervous mind with no reply. I see myself as guilty but I it’s hard to say sorry, I even didn’t get used to it.

Blaming my self to the point of self-resentment, I find it urget to clear up everything and start with an inner purification. This can only be achieved by a motherly, warm and tender reinforcement making me strong and capable of overcoming lifes’ misfortunes and failures. Cause I take reponsability of my acts and words, I shall never allow my myself to ruin my peaceful state of mind.

The most thing that worries me is the future in terms of my decisions and my actions. I find consolation in the words of Allah, in His perfect judgements and rules. The path to Truth is complicated and I am striving to figure it out through the words of my consolator, my merciful protector. One day, I will learn how to be mindful and to shif colors to live!