I am

Furious, wild, outraged and ambitious! these are my characteristics being criticised by people i encountered in my life, but i dont give up, i will not let it go. i have always survived to throw out my my words in the public and to thrive. still with that arrogant personality, i am proud of my innate desire to bloom and blossom. Not giving care of people’s gossips and envy hearts, i decided to move on, to challange and never put limits to my success. here i am with a determined spirit and a strong heart, i rise my voice and open my eyes to this world.

my mind is buzzed with thoughts, i feel the need to burst into tears then to burst out of laughing and i do not understand how my temper can change from one mood to another without sending an alarm or any a sign. i do not understand my self sometimes. i still wait for the good times to come here i still wait for the sun rays to shine into my life. l dont know whether my destiny will be gloomy and with so much pain and grief or it will blossom and grin. i have no choice but to wait and be patient and pray God not to let me down.

Neverthless, i need someone to wrap his arms around me and tell me that everything is gonna be all right. Someone i trust, can rely on and do really love. Someone who will give me a squeeze and kiss me on my forefront and tell me you will be happy, just smile! These words are as simple as powerful and soft just like the gentle  breezes blowing into my face. I want to get back that sparkling happiness into my eyes and open a new promising page in which i’ll write up my optimistic thoughts and reflections. I guess i am happier with a pan in my hand, i can say whatever i want to disclose whithout being ashmed or embarrased. I speak out and spread my words without waiting for an answer i just make my hands press on my computer alphabets and i close my eyes.


2 réflexions sur “I am

    1. Thank you so much dear amanda! French is my second language but I write in english, just scatter some french words sometimes to add some romantic print.. I can help you anyway if you want to speak french ‘comme une parisienne’ 😉


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