Lolita’s Review (Vladimir Nabokov)

Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin my soul. Lo-lee-ta…

An incredibly smooth serene sequential, a continuation of mouth vocal and nasal sounds, a cake of crunchy crispy creamy words, a lust, a lavished lust, a nymphet’s lust, a bunch of lilac letters, a rosy paper, a funny torture, a miserable fortune, a lyrical human encounter, a simple ‘lo’, a lovely ‘lee’, a naughty ‘ta’, a wildy childhood, a miserable fun, a lot of fun and a lot of fury.

A primitive amour, a kind sin, an erected passion, a muddy love affair, a nasty nymphancy, a helpless young body, a messy red lipstick, a sophisticated suicide, a hopeless rape, a monster with a warm heart, an angel with a naughty mind, extroverted caresses, pervert hands, a cursed pen of poetry, a mesmerizing submission, a boyish rage, a yearning, a longing, a mourning for dirty shelter, for salty saliva, for subtle literature.

H.H & Lolita


Traces of ache!

The ache in my chest is solid; I can feel it digging hard in my heart. My brain races round and round echoing the sound of tic tac tic tac and my heart pounds loud and loud and I am once again falling asleep in this unfathomable daydream.

I kept asleep, unconscious of my unconsciousness. I kept alarmed and cautious of my pain. A flash of intense pain and ache run through my body when I remember what I don’t want to.

I get bored with all of this and the rubbished kind of my life. As if my lungs cannot breathe in the air and my chest is blocked by a thick and harsh agony. The words are vanishing evaporating from my tongue and I am no longer able to spell, to articulate, to burst!

This impalpable and bitter emotion is stuck in my throat unable to move to come out to free me. I cannot swallow; it feels hard and uncomfortably dry. The hole inside of me is deep and full of shattered hopes and dreams.

A shadow of blackness comes across my mind and I feel dump, dull, dizzy. I don’t feel good; I don’t feel well in anyway. I need to cry with all the strength of my voice. I need to scream in the faces of those admonishing me.

I lie down on my bed and sigh under the duvet and seize the moment. When I try to catch the memory it just drifts away from my reach. I wipe my tears away from my cheeks instantly.